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    The Chicago Vape Company is a successful eJuice manufacturer and has been in business since 2012.

    Since that time they have sold over 1,000,000 bottles of their PREMIUM ejuices to customers in the United States and Canada and in 2018 the Chicago Vape Company decided to get into the manufacturing of Juul compatible pods.

    The Chicago Vape Company is fast becoming one of the largest retailers AROUND THE WORLD because instead of trying to reinvent the wheel by offering a bunch of different flavors, they have directly challenged JUUL by offering THREE of THE SAME FLAVORS at prices that are more realistic.

    The chemists at the Chicago Vape Company have done everything in they can to duplicate the taste and quality of authentic Juul pods, and while nothing will ever be 100% perfect, based on the success that the company is having it is clear that customers find the Chicago Vape Company pods to be as close to Juul authentics as you will find.

    4 pods per pack, 5% Nicotine.

    Spearmint - Cool and refreshing mint the way you expect it to be.

    Mango - Sweet and ripe like it just came off the vine.

    Tobacco - From the heart of Virginia this is a tobacco blend that is smooth and easy.

    Chicago Vape Company..... as close to authentic as you can get.